Indigo Girls Symphony Concert Debut - SOLD OUT!
August 1, 2012

Indigo Girls Symphony Concert Debut SOLD OUT!

"It was a thrill putting together the first concert-with-symphony with the Indigo Girls. From my perspective, the performance experience was great fun, and their remarkable songs were enhanced by the skilled orchestral arrangements. From the stage, though, the reaction from their legion of fans seemed ecstatic, which made the evening both rewarding and electric for all of us." Bob Bernhardt, Chattanooga Symphony Conductor

"Playing with the Chattanooga Symphony was thrilling. Not only was it exciting to hear our songs transformed into lush and dramatic pieces of music, but it was a real testament to musical teamwork, from the arrangers, to the show facilitators, to the wonderful conductor, Bob Bernhardt, to the players, the production crew and us. Then the crowd lifted us up in enthusiasm. I count it as a highlight experience in a long, experienced career." Emily Saliers, Indigo Girls "I've never been so nervous, challenged, elated and honored all at once!!!" Amy Ray, Indigo Girls

From the audience…

"For those of you on the fence about whether or not you want to see [Amy & Emily] with a symphony…DO NOT LET THIS PASS YOU BY. It was one of the most incredible shows I’ve seen, and I’ve seen hundreds of them. Whatever you need to do, get to one of these shows, even if you’ve never been to the symphony.
It was a spirit lifting night. I will not ever forget this show."

"I had my doubts about how a couple of folkies would sound with a symphony, but I was blown away!"

"I can’t believe the harmonious blend of their soul and the soul of the symphony."

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