Brenda Rae receives rave reviews as Zerbinetta in Frankfurt
October 17, 2013

Brenda Rae

Der Neue Merker
"Only once was the music interrupted: at the end of Zerbinetta's bravura aria, sung by Brenda Rae, who was rewarded with thunderous applause. […] Brenda Rae's Zerbinetta can actually join the ranks of Diana Damrau and Gruberova. She masters the coloratura quite easily with her bright and clear timbre and moves about remarkably during the difficult passages of her perilous aria."

Der Opern Freund
"The only applause in the middle of the show went to Brenda Rae for Zerbinetta's coloratura showpiece ("Grossmächtige Prinzessin"). Strauss composed this vocal acrobat's number with artistic effects that rarely miss their aim. The thunderous applause and cheers went on for minutes and were a just reward for the fact that Brenda Rae offered the riskiest vocal leaps and runs with self–assured nonchalance."

"Brenda Rae was the star of the evening and was greeted with tremendous applause; she sang in a hauntingly beautiful way and acted magnificently as Zerbinetta. Her highly complicated bravura aria "Grossmächtige Prinzessin" turned into a personal triumph."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
"In the great coloratura scene, Brenda Rae rightly earned enthusiastic applause.

Frankfurter Rundschau
"[…] Zerbinetta's bravura aria, which is always a highlight, is given here with Brenda Rae's breathtaking mastery and a light and easy touch – she possesses absolute command of the top notes, agility, playfulness – and elicited spontaneous cheers from the audience."

Giessener Allgemeine Zeitung
"The undisputed queen of the evening is the member of the Ensemble Brenda Rae. The sold-out house celebrated her performance. Rae steals the show with her monumental aria in the second half."
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