In Memoriam: Ronald Wilford

Picture taken at the Gala Tribute to Maestro Rostropovich on October 14, 2008

Ronald Andrew Wilford died peacefully at home on June 13th, 2015, cared for by loving family and friends. He embraced life with gusto and enthusiasm, and left this life in the same philosophical frame of mind with which he relished it. A devout believer in psychoanalysis, he treasured the combination of love and work. Beloved by the artists he managed, his approach was always to probe for what they needed in order to reach their goals. He brought this same approach to everyone whose life he touched. Each member of his family will miss him terribly: his beloved wife, Sara and son, Christopher; daughter-in-law, Meredith and beautiful granddaughter, Addison; his daughter, Diane; his stepchildren for over 40 years: Chris, AZ, Peter, Sarina, Betsey, and their children whom he also loved and inspired.

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I mourn him, will hear his voice as long as I live, and hope always to deserve his approval.

Ronald Wilford was a great man. There are very few of these in anyone's lifetime.

I was a great admirer of Ronald and will remember him as a generous, humorous, inspiring and unique personality who influenced my personal career as artists and tour manager in a significant way.

He was always extremely kind to me and generous with his time. He invited me to sit in the front row at the Met right behind the podium when Carlos Kleiber conducted Der Rosenkavelier - a performance and experience I shall never forget. I always found our conversations stimulating and thought provoking.

One could only admire Ronald for what he has built and the artists he managed, a true empire in its way

Ronald was such an inspiring leader to all of us around him and his legacy will always remain in our memory.

He was one of the greatest men of our times.

Without him my life would never have been as rich, as full, and as undeniably happy, as it is today.

I thank Mr. Wilford and the company of CAMI for their guidance, support, and enduring commitment to excellence.

We were touched by, and benefited from, his keen intellect and insights.

He is still a part of who I am and what I do…he’s a legend here.

I have always respected the huge talent of Ronald and deep inside felt quite a lot of tenderness for him.

A truly great teacher and mentor.

A remarkable man with a true moral compass.

The business needs more like him.

We invite everyone to share their stories and remembrances
of Ronald with us as we mourn together.

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