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Eroica Trio

Erika Nickrenz, Piano | Sara Parkins, Violin |
Sara Sant'Ambrogio, Cello

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Just as in their successful Carnegie Hall debut and smash-hit CD release, these women demonstrate that on musical merits they have earned their foothold on the very highest rung of the profession.

Brahms' music has rarely sounded as sweet...real music worthy of the Eroica Trio's considerable gifts... The Trio proved particularly adept at responding to the score's emotional range, bringing a combination of rhythmic vitality and melodic grace to the opening movement, and shaping the finale with particular dramatic urgency.

Eroica's musicians...have the muscle to be purely dramatic and emotional, but here, they stand out for subtler reasons: all three players are soloists who have a lot to say, and every note, no matter how light, has some significance. Indeed, no voice ever fades into the background; rather, the instruments not featured in a particular passage assume the active stance of intelligent listeners, making comments on the main statement or, in some cases, quietly but compellingly pursuing their own trains of thought.


The most sought after trio in the world, the Grammy nominated Eroica Trio enraptures audiences with flawless technical virtuosity, irresistible enthusiasm and sensual elegance. The three women who make up this celebrated ensemble electrify the concert stage with their passionate performances. The New York Times writes, “There is an edge of the seat intensity to every note they produce".

The Trio won the prestigious Naumburg Award, resulting in a highly successful Lincoln Center debut and has since toured the United States, Europe, Middle East, South America and Asia. . . .

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